Gorse Bush

Break-thru the brambles

Regional Product Stories

Gorse transforms New Zealand into a sea of flowers yearly. The yellow dreamscape however, is a farmer’s worst nightmare. Evonik’s BREAK-THRU® helps to battle the weed.

Originally used as a boundary for sheep pastures, gorse proliferates extremely quickly, often going out of control. The spiny shrub is poisonous to domestic animals such as sheep and cows, and many animals often become entangled in its branches. Each year, it causes damages that amounts to millions of dollars for New Zealand’s farming industry. While some farmers have given up the fight against the aggressive shrub, others effectively battle gorse and other pests with the help of Evonik’s BREAK-THRU®.

The tank-mix adjuvant promises more effective and even distribution of pesticides of all kinds. By lowering of the surface tension of water and ensuring efficient spreading, BREAK-THRU® allows fast distribution of a sprayed droplet over a wide area. As a “super spreader,” BREAK-THRU® reduces the surface tension of water which is the primary component of the spray “broth” – as the mixture of water and pesticide is called by professionals.

Thanks to BREAK-THRU®, drops do not bounce off the leaf but adhere to its surface instead. They are distributed evenly across the plant, resulting in an increasing efficiency of the pesticide. The drops even reach the underside of the leaf, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of these chemicals.