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In Bangladesh, Evonik has been operating for more than 10 years. Evonik has a branch office in Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh.

Active in the country for more than 10 years, Evonik has officially turn its representative office in Dhaka to a legal entity in 2018, continuing to serve customers from different industries including Pharmaceutical, Poultry Feed, Textile etc.

We support our customers from these industries by using our technical know how. Evonik products for pharmaceutical application are registered with the local regulatory authority which is a pre-requisite to do the business in the country. In addition we have established a technical service lab in 2013 to support the local pharmaceutical customers. Besides pharmaceutical industry, Evonik has been supporting the poultry feed market which has immensely contributed to the growth of this market in Bangladesh. Evonik is also supplying process chemicals to the country for applications in the textile industry - as Bangladesh is known globally for its good quality textile products. 

site & location

Evonik Bangladesh Limited 
Evonik's sales and marketing office in Bangladesh with 1 AT lab.


Evonik Bangladesh Limited
Mika Cornerstone
Level -11, Plot 16 & 17
Road 12, Sector 06, Uttara
Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh
+88 02 48956405